Euphorbia amygdaloides

Wood Spurge

Euphorbia amygdaloides or ‘Wood spurge’ is an evergreen plant that is at home in both sun and shade.

Masses of flowers from spring to summer you do need to wear gloves as the sap is an irritant.

Perhaps the self seeding nature will put some gardeners off, however this is a plant that is easily pulled up and not difficult to control.


The great thing about Euphorbia amygdaloides is that it grows well in shade. So if you have an area of dry shade this could be the plant for you.

Like all Euphorbia, the sap is an irritant to the skin and can be poisonous, so always wear gloves and eye protection when handling any Euphorbia.


  • Euphorbia amygdaloides var. robbiae is a popular spreading ground cover plant
  • Euphorbia amygdaloides purpurea or ‘purple wood spurge’ adds great color to the garden flowering in spring to summer.
  • Euphorbia amygdaloides does well in dry shade growing to 60cm and will spread by underground runners.
  • Euphorbia amygdaloides ‘Rubra’ and Euphorbia amygdaloides ‘Efanthia’ are also worth looking for.