Haworthia attenuata

Haworthia attenuata
Haworthia attenuata

Haworthia attenuata is an excellent species for beginners, it is easier to grow than most and is reasonably small. Also known as the ‘Zebra Plant’ because of the striped foliage it is easy to propagate and looks great when grown with other succulents but equally at home as a specimen plant.

It does not form a stem and with the spiked leaves that reach to around 6 inches high, looks good year round. Like all Haworthia, it will flower during winter however the blooms are rather small.

Pictured right we have a clump of Haworthia attenuata that are ready for division, over tine they the offsets have formed a clump. You will notice that the foliage is fairly pale, with more light the green would be much darker.


Very tough as an indoor plant, growing well in containers. Excellent outdoors in warmer climates that are frost free.

Full sun to strong filtered light. The intensity of the light will have an effect on the depth of color in the foliage. The more light the deeper green.


This is a species that requires very little water and will suffer from root rot if over watered. Soil should be allowed to dry between watering and indoors a free draining cactus and succulent potting mix is essential.


Easy by removing the pups or offsets. After a few years Haworthia attenuata will just decide to produce offsets and these can be gently removed.
Simply plant out in a succulent potting mix, water well once and they will usually grow well.

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