Haworthia limifolia

Haworthia limifolia
Haworthia limifolia

This is one of the easier species to grow, large rosettes that will fairly quickly form offsets or pups.

The attractive lime green foliage is ribbed like a file which give a great textural look to the plant. These ribs give it the name ‘Fairies Washboard’

A single plant will produce offsets over a period of 3 – 4 years that will make a great display in a good sized container.


This is a relatively easy species, as long as it has good drainage and strong filtered light it seems to thrive. Along with this its natural tenancy to throw offsets makes propagation easy. Best grown in a container except in the warmest of climates. Excellent as an indoor plant.


Water regularly during summer, (once a week) and allow the growing medium to dry out between watering’s. In winter hold back on the water.


Easy by separating pups or offsets.

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