Haworthia maughanii

Haworthia maughanii
Haworthia maughanii

A wonderful low growing species Haworthia maughanii has almost translucent leaves with white markings. The leaves look short or truncated but actually grow further beneath the soil.

This underground habit makes this succulent very drought tolerant and an excellent easy care specimen for indoors once established.

Often found growing at thr base of a small rock formation where it receives a little shade from the hot summer sun of the Western Cape.

This is a species becoming popular with hybridisers, with Haworthia maughanii x truncata perhaps being the best know to date.


If we had one rule for Haworthia maughanii it would be water regularly when in active growth and allow to dry out between waterings. Try to use a non chlorinated water, just let the tap water sit for a day or two before using.

A general purpose cacti and succulent potting mix or growing medium with some added perlite for perfect drainage. You will need a deepish container as Haworthia maughanii does like drag itself down into the soil, this is its natural survival mechanism, the more growth underground in the cool soil the better its chances in the wild.

Good strong filtered light is best for growth and foliage color. Keep frost free and overwinter indoors in all but the warmest climates.


Propagation of Haworthia maughanii from leaf cuttings is a more preferable method although it can be divided as a mature clump forms. propagation from seed is also possible although seed are hard to buy.

We suggest dividing in spring and being very careful not to overly disturb or damage to ‘underground’ growth and root system.

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