Mammillaria hahniana woodsii

Old Lady or Pin Cushion Cactus.

Mammillaria hahniana ssp. woodsii
Mammillaria hahniana woodsii

This is rounded stem cactus, the full name is Mammillaria hahniana ssp. woodsii and it is native to Mexico. The body of the cactus is covered with fine white hairs along with short spines.

Perhaps one of the best of the Mammillaria species in terms of looks, Mammillaria hahniana ssp. woodsii has a really nice covering of wooly hairs with darker central spines than the species itself.

The concentric rings of pink to red flowers that form around the top of the stem add a brilliant contrast.

This is a cactus that will puts out offsets (a solitary cactus) it will grow to around 12 inches tall with a width twice this.

Mammillaria hahniana woodsii – Care

  1. Use a specialist cactus and succulent potting mix.
  2. Best grown in full sun to very bright light
  3. Not regarded as toxic to cats and dogs,
  4. Watering is from spring through summer. In cooler months cut back on watering. Avoid mist spraying to prevent fungal problems.
  5. Fertilise using a liquid cactus fertiliser every 4 weeks from spring through summer or a slow release type fertiliser every six months.

Propagation methods for Mammillaria hahniana woodsii

  • The easiest method of propagation is by removing offsets as they get large enough.
  • Propagation is also possible from seed.