Pachyveria are a hybrid between two succulent species, Pachyphytum and Echeveria. Characterised by thick fleshy leaves that form rosettes they are a hardy succulent that will grow to 6 – 8 inches in height (15 – 20cm).

Pachyveria flowers vary in colour depending on variety.

Pachyveria Types Include

Pachyveria 'Red Banana'
Pachyveria ‘Red Banana’
  • Pachyveria ‘Claire’
  • Pachyveria scheideckeri which is a hybrid between Echeveria secunda and Pachyphytum bracetosum.
  • Pachyveria clavifolia a hybrid between Pachyphytum bracteosum and Echeveria rosea
  • Pachyveria ‘Snow Candy’

Pachyveria Care

Given a good amount of sun and a well drained soil these are a very easy care succulent.

  • Light
    For best growth and foliage colour 6 hours of sun a day, although warmer climates, during g summer some protection from afternoon sun may be needed.
  • Soil/Potting Mix
    A free draining potting mix designed for succulents is recommended.
  • Watering
    Always allow the soil to dry between watering. Hold back on watering during dormancy.
  • Fertiliser
    A little fertiliser when repotting and then a a once year application of a slow release type fertiliser should be sufficient.
  • Propagation
    Propagation is from cuttings and offsets.