Rebutia muscula

syn. Aylostera muscula

Rebutia muscula
Rebutia muscula

Originally from the southern parts of Bolivia, Rebutia muscula, (Aylostera muscula) with furry snowy white white spines and contrasting bright orange flowers to 2cm is a fascinating plant.

In time this is a clump forming species and the orange flowers in numbers are real eye catcher. Although our solitary flower is rather appealing.

With an upright growth habit Rebutia muscula tends to send up finger or spires of growth, it does remain reasonably compact so is a great plant for growing in a container in an apartment. Easy care, colorful and small growing.

Flowering from spring through summer although indoors, in good conditions it can continue flowering well into fall.

Rebutia muscula care:

Rebutia muscula is best grown in a container and indoors in all but the warmest climates, a well drained succulent potting mix is essential.

  • Full sun to part shade, although this plant does grow well indoors in a sunny position.
  • Ideally full sun during winter and afternoon shade in summer if growing outdoors. Inddors good strong filtered light is best.
  • Water is really only required from spring to fall, however indoors water every two week and let dry out between watering.
  • Outdoors protection in winter is essential in colder zones, so bring inside in winter.
  • A free draining soil mix and a little slow release fertilizer once a year seem to be major requirements.


Cold and wetness are the main issues. Ensure Rebutia are kept away from cold drafts and allow to drain well and dry between waterings.

Spent growing medium which has started to retain moisture is also a problem, repot in new potting soil every 3 -4 years.