Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea or ‘Sedum Rosea’ is used widely both as a herbal tea and as a garden plant.

Also known as golden root, Rhodiola rosea extract is believed to have benefits related to depression. Rhodiola Rosea root is said to be used in some herbal remedies.

This is a cold tolerant plant, green foliage and golden yellow flowers in spring. Found over a wide area of Northern Europe the sought after variety is sometimes called the ‘Russian Rhodiola’.

An interesting plant for the rock garden where it will form a clump to around 10 ” in height.

Rhodiola Rosea Care

Rhodiola Rosea requires similar growing conditions to sedum’s however this one is used to a cold climate.

This is a plant that is often propagated from seed. Seeds will require a period of cold stratification to germinate.

  • Well drained soils
  • Good moisture, but never water logged.
  • Sunny position
  • Protection from wind and extreme heat.

Rhodiola will tend to self seed and can become a little weedy if not controlled.

Rhodiola Varieties

Rhodiola Rosea is not the only one in this genus, look for :

  • Rhodiola trollii another ‘sedum like plant’. Nice green foliage with rosettes of white flowers.
  • Rhodiola amablis
  • Rhodiola cretinii
  • Rhodiola fastigiata
  • Rhodelia integrifolia with its red flowers is worth looking for.