With around 30 species found in the genus Trichodiadema are found from southern Namibia into the Northern, Western, and Eastern Cape Provinces in South Africa. 

Trichodiadema densum
Trichodiadema densum

These are low growing shrubby plants, they form a tuberous roots system which gives older plants an interesting caudiciform base,

Small hairs on the leaves are called ‘diadems’and these are a winter flowering plant.

Easy to grow in full sun as long as the get good moisture from spring through summer.

The small shrubby plants are characterized by the ‘diadems’ of small radiating hairs at the leaf tips. In addition, many species possess a caudiciform base or tuberous roots.

They blossom from winter to late spring after good rains. The plants are easy to grow and prefer full sun and need adequate water during the blooming season.

Trichodiadema Varieties

Only a handful of species are available to collectors including: 

  • Trichodiadema bulbosum
  • Trichodiadema densum

Others Include:

  • Trichodiadema stellatum
  • trichodiadema barbatum
  • trichodiadema decorum yellow flowers
  • trichodiadema fergusoniae white flowers