Carnivorous Plants

Venus Fly Trap
Venus Fly Trap

Carnivorous plants have been popular in the USA for many years, with the many the fascinating forms of carnivorous plants available they make a great addition to the garden

With over 600 plant species being regarded as Carnivorous it is difficult to generalise about growing conditions, the International Carnivorous Plant Society has an huge amount of info, so its a good place to start.


Care varies greatly depending on species


The Venus Fly Trap ( dionaea muscipule) pictured right is probably the best known carnivorous plant along with the Nepenthes and Sundew.

But take a look at Nepenthes such as N. glabrata you will probably become hooked……..

Many carnivorous plants make a great present for kids. Readily available for sale online the list of types of carnivorous plants is a long one including pitcher plants, nepenthes, sarracenia and more.

Some of the more unusual carnivorous plants include :

  • Aldrovanda vesiculosa, a floating plant sometimes called the ‘waterwheel plant’
  • Another water loving species is Utricularia or ‘bladderworts’.
  • Drosophyllum lusitanicum is known as the ‘Dewy Pine’, or ‘Portuguese Sundew’, probably not as well known as –
  • Drosera which are also known as sundews. See Drosera binata Marston’s Dragon
  • Dionaea muscipula or Venus flytrap is popular with kids.
  • Nepenthes and Sarracenia both known as ‘Pitcher Plants’ are among the more widely grown species.
  • Pinguicula are the ‘butterworts’ probably one of the ‘prettiest’ carnivorous plants.

Where to buy

Carnivorous Plants are available for sale from the following nurseries

PREDATORY PLANTS – phone : (650) 720-5195
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CASCADE CARNIVORES – phone: 4253515967
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Carnivorous plant nursery located in Washington state offering tropical pitcher plants, butterworts, Dewy Pines and more. We ship Dewy Pines plants. US sales only.