Drosera binata Marston’s Dragon

One of the easier sundews to grow, Drosera binata Marston’s Dragon is large growing sundew.

Drosera binata Marston's Dragon
Drosera binata Marston’s Dragon

This originally from boggy areas in tropical parts of eastern Australia and is a hybrid between Drosera binata var. multifida extrema ‘Staghorn’ x binata var. dichotoma ‘Giant.

Drosera binata itself is commonly called the forked sundew or fork-leaved sundew, so this gives an indication of the growth habit.

The leaves appear to be red, however are actually green, but covered with a dense layer of red glands.

This is one of the larger growing carnivorous plants, reaching up to 12 inches across it has a branching habit, with tips that are hooked.

How to grow Drosera binata Marston’s Dragon

  1. A boggy condition is essential as is a position in good sun.
  2. Best in a frost free position as even light frosts cause the leaves too die back.
  3. Use a commercial Carnivorous plant mix or a mixture of sphagnum moss and perlite.
  4. If growing outdoors try a position in part sun to afternoon dappled shade. Indoors try bright indirect light. Avoid a fully shaded position.
  5. As Marston’s Dragon can develop a trailing habit, growing in a hanging basket can provide a good display.
  6. In all condition keep the growing medium moist at all times.


Drosera binata is self pollinating, Drosera binata ‘Marston’s Dragon’ is usually propagated by division.