Iochroma cyaneum

Iochroma cyaneum – Red Wine

A lot of words can be used to descride Iochroama cyaneum, stunning deep purple flowers is perhaps a summary. And ‘Royal Purple’ certainly describes the color of the flowers.

Flowering almost year round in warmer climates Iochroma have similar cultural requirement as Brugmansias.

And if you want to attract hummingbirds this is the plant for you. It is also known as the ‘Sorcerer’s Tree’ and like its relative all parts are poisonous. So wear gloves when handling.

Purple Flowering Iochroma

A medium to large growing evergreen soft stemmed shrub Iochroma cyaneum is native to South America (Ecuador and Columbia). Grown for the large drooping clusters of flowers usually a deep purple but in some cultivars a dusky red.

A fairly fast growing shrub that will reach around 3m and spread about the same. The large felty leaves are also attractive. It is readily available for sale online, usually sold in tubes.

Propagation and Care

Growing Conditions and Care

  • Iochroma cyaneum prefers full sun to semi shade in a humus rich moist soil.
  • This is from tropical and sub tropical areas so best suited to USDA zone 10 – 11.
  • However in a sheltered, frost free sunny position you can give it a try down to zone 8 (if you can shelter it during winter).


Propagation is easy, try softwood cuttings.


Iochroma cyaneum is very easy to prune and forgiving as well. This makes it suited to growing in containers in cooler climates.

Cut it right back to the ground level in fall, keep it in a frost free position and move it back into the sun in spring.


A few named cultivars are available such as

  • Iochroma cyaneum ‘Royal Blue’ or ‘Purple Queen’
  • Iochroma cyaneum ‘Red Wine’ (picture above right)
  • Iochroma cyaneum ‘Indigo’.