Almond Trees

An attractive small growing deciduous tree the Almond tree grows well in drier climates where the dangers bacterial diseases are minimized.

Reaching around 30ft in height although often smaller they are grown for the nuts, however they do also make a nice ornamental tree in a larger garden.

Trees take 6 – 7 year to reach full production, however you will get some fruit after 2- 3 years.


Planting Almond Trees

Sun and good drainage are essential, it is also important to purchase good varieties, many grafted, if you want the best quality nuts. We have seen a few articles suggesting that you just plant some unprocessed nuts, we strongly suggest that this is not the way to go.

Soil should be well prepared, digging over well and adding some humus in the form of well rotted compost before planting.

As you are most likely planting seedlings, we suggest that you stake them to prevent wind damage. Wind on young trees keeps moving the roots around so they are slow to establish

Water regularly through the first summers


This will differ depending on rootstock and variety. What commercial growers are looking for is a full canopy, so smaller growing varieties will need to be planted closer together than larger ones.

A full canopy provides better fruit yield, less likelihood of wind damage, less pruning. However a bigger spacing can provide easier access for harvesting.



Two rootstocks are particularly popular these being Hansen and Nemaguard, others include Lovell, Alpha, Viking, Marianna, and Nickles

Almond Tree Varieties

  • Nonpareil is widely grown in California as a commercial crop, excellent nut production, but rather thin shells
  • Butte a little later than Nonpareil, heavy producer with harder shells
  • Carmel is another popular variety, heavy production with a soft shell
  • Livingston has medium sized nut kernels thin but well sealed shells
  • Texas Mission has a hard shell and the tree itself has a more upright habit
  • Halls Hardy
  • All-in-One
  • Marcona is an interesting variety with a rounded harder shell, a small growing tree.

Dwarf Almond Trees

Many varieties of Almond Trees will only get to 12 ft in height.

Best Almond Trees for Home Gardens

Probably Hall’s Hardy is a good choice. It will get to 15ft in good conditions and it will do best with a pollinator. However it produces good crops and grows well in a variety of Zones.

Almond trees are available for sale from the following specialist nurseries.

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