Barbados Cherry

The Barbados Cherry is Malpighia glabra, more of a bush shrub than a tree and also known as Acerola. really a tropical to sub tropical plant that does have fruit that look like a ‘real cherry’, at least from the outside.

Inside the flesh is a golden yellow and the Barbados Cherry has thee pips rather then one.

The differences do not stop here, some varieties are much sweeter than others and the not so sweet ones are very tart indeed..

Care and Propagation

Over the years trees that produce better fruit have been selected and cuttings taken from these. So look for one of the named cultivars for bigger, and sweeter fruit. These are a plant that needs a warm sunny position and a moist but well drained soil.

Newly planted tree will need water through the first few dry periods. After a few years the Barbados Cherry actually requires little to no extra water. Fruiting is over an extended period, from Spring through to Fall, so really Florida is about the only place to grow them successfully.

Some additional fertilizer in fall is about all that is required.


‘Florida Sweet’ is the best for most home growers. A fairly upright grower and requires little pruning other than to maintain shape. Prune after fruiting in late summer to early fall.

B – 17 is more acidic, but produces more juice and is higher in vitamin C

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