Blueberry Plants

Growing Blueberry Plants
Growing Blueberry Plants

Blueberry Varieties – Ripening Time

Generally Blueberry Plants are classed according to ripening or picking time.

  • Early to Mid season
  • Mid season
  • Mid to Late
  • Late season
  • So in areas such as Michigan which is a big Blueberry producer, you will have varieties that will fruit from Early July through to Mid September.

They are also classed in terms of ‘Chill Factor’.

This is the number of hours required below 45 F to set fruit.

Other factors in choosing Blueberry Varieties

  • Fruit Taste.
  • Yield.
  • Suitability for container growing.
  • Attractiveness of the bush itself.

Blueberries plants and trees are readily available for sale online and have become one of the most popular berries of all for the home gardener.

How to Grow Blueberry Plants

All varieties prefer an acidic soil that is humus rich, fertile and well drained.

  • Choose a warm sunny position.
  • Plant and water well through the first summer and any dry periods.
  • Much around the plants to maintain a cool moist root run.
  • In hotter areas provide some protection from hot afternoon sun.
  • They can be grown in pots, try a large pot, a good quality potting mix and some coco peat mixed through.
  • Blueberry plants will need protection from birds, so netting is advisable.


Before new growth commences in spring, prune away spindly or twiggy weaker growth. Concentrating fruit production into the stronger main stems

Blueberry Varieties by Name

These are all popular species and cultivars for sale.

  • Vaccinium Chandler is the largest of the blueberries
  • Vaccinium ‘Brigitta’.
  • Vaccinium ‘Sunshine Blue’,
  • Vaccinium corymbosum or ‘Northern Highbush Blueberry’
  • Vaccinium angustifolium or ‘Lowbush blueberry’

Blueberry Plants By Harvest Time

  • Early to Mid season Varieties
    Duke, Hannahs Choice, Polaris, St Cloud, Sweetheart, Bluejay, Huron, North Blue, Northland, North Sky, Patriot, Spartan, Sierra
  • Mid season
    Bluecrop, Blue Haven, Caras Choice, Chippewa, Draper, Friendship, Blue Ray, Elizabeth, Superior, Toro, Ornablue, Herbert, Little Giant, Meader, Rubel.
  • Mid to Late
    Berkley, Bluegold, Brigitta Blue, Bonus, Coville, Jersey, Legacy, Nelson
  • Late season
    Aurora, Elliot, Liberty, St Cloud.
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