Grapefruit Trees

Growing a Grapefruit tree is no more difficult than a lemon tree, and that is easy.

Yes you need the right climate, however given that, if you eat a lot of grapefruit, they do make a worthwhile addition to the garden or orchard.


Grape fruit tree varieties for sale include dwarf grapefruit trees as well as traditional types such as

  • Duncan,
  • Marsh,
  • Thompson,
  • Star Ruby
  • Triumph
  • Also available as dwarf varieties such as Oroblanco.

We think that for the home garden the red grapefruit varieties are far superior. And that is because they are sweeter. Also many of the red varieties are seedless.


Best grown in warmer climates such as USDA Zone 9 and upwards, in cooler zones (7 – 8) you will need to create a suitable microclimate in a sheltered area.

  • Well drained soil
  • Sunny position
  • Best planted in early Fall after the summer heat is over.
  • Stake young plants to allow root systems to develop without movement.
  • Mulch around trees to maintain a cool root run
  • Do not plant or cultivate beneath Grapefruit trees as they have a shallow root run
  • Water in with a liquid seaweed fertilizer.
  • Use a specialist citrus fertilizer in spring each year.


Generally not required except for the removal of dead and diseased wood.

Grape fruit trees are for sale online from the following growers

phone: 877-449-4637 ext. 1