Hazelnut Trees

Hazelnut trees are grown for the nuts which are roasted, eaten fresh as well as used to make spreads. So is a Hazelnut a Filbert… yes they are the same. And yes they make a nice ornamental as well.

Eating Hazelnuts

You can eat hazelnuts straight from the tree, but take a nutcracker to break the shell. Wait until the outer husk breaks open, this is the fuzzy covering that hides the real shell. When this breaks the nuts should be ripe.

Roasting makes them sweeter and blanching is the easiest way to remove the skin from the nut, and the skin is the bitter part so remove it before eating


These trees actually flower late winter to spring and require two varieties for cross pollination and high yields.

They are a long lived tree but do take 5-6 years to crop heavily. A cool winter in a frost free location is best for Hazelnut trees.

A well drained moist but humus rich soil is best. Zones 4-9 seem to be the most suitable


  • American Filbert
  • Beaked Hazelnut
  • European Hazelnut
  • Ennis
  • Barcelona
  • Lewis
  • Casina
  • Jefferson
  • Yamill
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Hazelnut and Chestnut for USDA zones 4 to 7. Blight resistant tree