Mango Trees

Mangos are a tropical to sub tropical fruit tree with two main types. They are found naturally from The Philippines through to India.

In the USA Mangos are grown mainly in California and Florida. From India the fruits are usually a reddish green while those from the Philippines are pale green to yellow.

However it is the hybridised cultivars that are the most productive. Varieties such as ‘Alphonse’ have been popular for many years.

Although mango trees can be grown from trees the grafted varieties are regarded as having superior fruit, both for eating and juice extraction.

In California they have been grown for over 100 years, as long as they can get full sun and a frost free position they will grow.


Growing Conditions For Mango Trees

Although these tree will grow in less than ideal conditions, to set fruit they do need a preferred position and climate.

  • Sunny warm position where temperature do not drop below 40 F.
  • Warm summers with clear skies.
  • Humus rich well drained soil.
  • They require good drainage as they send down a long tap root which makes them fairly drought tolerant.
  • Saline and heavy clay soils are not suitable.
  • Mango trees perform best with regular applications of fertilizer. Best applied four times a year at regular intervals.

Pruning Mango Trees

Although the modern cultivars require little pruning, they can be improved by removing any dead or damaged wood.

Limbs should be pruned so that they do not touch the ground.

Any growth from below the graft should be removed.

Mango Varieties

These will vary from grower to grower. Some of the best varieties are those from Australia where extensive hybridisation has been carried out.

  • Hadden – Very common variety with medium to large sized fruit. Almost fibre free fruit is sweet and juicy. Greed fruit blushed with pink to red.
  • Timoyayo – Fairly new variety with green to yellow fruit. Fruit has fibres, sweet and with a milder flavour than many. Elongated fruit.
  • Kent – Smaller growing type with sweet fruit. Dark green fruit with a red to pink blush. Has some fibres, however not many, main attributes are medium to large oval shaped fruit, sweet and juicy flesh.
  • Glenn – Indian type with yellow to orange fruit – Oval to oblong shaped fruit with rich, sweet, flavourful, fibreless flesh and with a pleasant aroma. Thin skin with a slight orange blush. Fruit turns bright yellow when ripe.
  • Okrung tong mango is an interesting variety, widely grown in the Philippines, you either love it or hate it. Its super sweet, juicy however a resinous after taste. For some the after taste is terrible, other people like it.
    However as with all mangoes, the taste will depend on growing conditions, soil, sun, moisture and fertiliser used.
  • Nam Doc Mai is from Thailand and is widely grown in Florida. Sweet and juicy.


Mostly grafted for best fruiting ability.

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