Mulberry Trees

Mulberry Tree
Mulberry Tree

An excellent fast growing shade tree Mulberry trees are grown mainly for the fresh fruit.

Although they are a large growing tree, dwarf varieties (Geraldi Dwarf) are now available that make them much more suitable for the home garden.

The two species grown are the white Mulberry and the Red Mulberry (Morus alba and Morus rubra)


USDA Zones 4 -10 are suited to grow Mulberry trees depending on local conditions and variety.

Remember that these trees have fruit that stains, so keep them away from pathways etc, unless you like a red path.

As for harvesting, as a youngster my Grandmother taught me to spread sheets beneath the Mulberry tree and then, shake the tree, I did this with with my cousins by climbing the tree and ‘shaking’ the ripe fruit would fall onto the sheets.

And yes we stained our clothes, hands and the sheets.


  • Black Beauty
  • Pakistan
  • Persian
  • White
  • Red Gelato
  • New American
  • Downing
  • Tehama
  • Paradise
  • Kaester
  • Hicks

Mulberry trees are for sale online from the following growers

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