Orange Trees

Available for sale as full sized trees or as dwarf orange trees these are one of the most popular citrus trees grown around the world.

Used both for fruit and juice Orange trees require a warm climate and are widely grown in states such as California. The Valencia are a sweet orange that is widely grown for juice.

Navel oranges tend to have thicker skin and are easier to peel, the N 33 is grown widely as an ‘eating orange’ easy to peel and seedless.


Orange trees do not like frost, so protection is needed. They are generally regarded as suited to USDA Zones 9 – 11.

In cooler areas if you wish to grow oranges in the home garden consider growing dwarf varieties usually grafted onto ‘flying dragon rootstock’ .

Orange trees can be grown in containers and moved indoors or into a greenhouse during colder weather.

Easy care in warmer zones, new dwarf cultivars are well suited to growing in pots and containers.

  • Pruning is generally not required other than the removal of damaged or dead wood.
  • Protection from frost is essential. In poorly drained soils, mound up the soil to improve drainage.
  • A sunny position in a well drained soil is best.
  • Mulch to suppress weeds and maintain a cool root run.
  • Do not under plant or dig around lemon trees as they have a shallow root system.
  • Use a specialist citrus fertilizer for best results.


Some of the more popular orange varieties include.

  • Valencia
  • Shamouti
  • Blood Orange N-33
  • Everhard (naval orange)
  • Navelina (navel orange)

Orange trees are for sale online from the following growers

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