Peach Trees

Peach trees will grow in zones 4-8 depending on variety and micro climate.
The very popular peach, Elbert a for example will grow from zones 5-9. However the best zones are 6 and 7.

Peaches are so good to eat they have songs written about them and even record albums named after them. ‘Eat a Peach’ said the Allman Bros Band. ‘Plant a little garden – eat a lot of peaches’ sings John Prine.

Peaches are popular fresh, dried and in cans, however fresh is best.
Contender is a freestone (as against clingstone) that is available as a semi dwarf variety, excellent for smaller areas.
McKay is available as a dwarf, excellent for growing in containers.


The main factor with growing Peach trees is sun and excellent soil.
You also need to choose the right variety for your climate zone. And thats all about ‘chill factor’. Some need colder winters than others. Others cope with warm climates a little better.

Peaches also need protection from frosts from bud set onwards. As they come out of the winter dormancy, any frosts can cause damage and crop failure.

One of the factors is that the trees grown in the colder climates stay dormant for longer, so often bud set is late. In warmer climates that are susceptible to late cold snaps frosts can be a major problem.

  • You will need a position in full sun with good air circulation.
  • Space your trees so they have room to grow.
  • Choose a well drained humus rich soil. You can amend the soil by digging in lots of well rotted compost.
  • Water in well with a liquid seaweed fertilizer.
  • We do like to stake fruit trees. This keeps them steady in the ground, the roots do not more around on windy days and therefore the develop more quickly.
  • Keep young trees well watered through the first two summers.
  • Mulch around the trees to maintain a cool root run.

Peach Tree Varieties

  • Elberta Peach
  • Burbank’s choice Peach
  • Carolina Belle Peach
  • 4th of July Peach
  • Cream of the Crop Peach
  • Crimson Rocket Peach
  • Desertgold Peach
  • GaLa Peach
  • Intrepid,
  • Polar Peach
  • Redhaven Peach
  • Reliance Peach.

Peach trees are for sale online from the following growers

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