Phoenix dactylifera

Date Palm

The true Date Palm is Phoenix dactylifera and it is a different species what we call the Canary Island Date Palm, this is a popular palm tree both for landscaping in Florida and other states.

Grown for centuries throughout the Middle East and Africa Phoenix dactylifera is the botanical name, however many cultivars exist, all with different qualities.

Although Phoenix dactylifera can be propagated from seeds, it is through offshoots that the desirable varieties are grown for fruit production.

These are a long lived tree, that will produce over 100 pounds of fruit when mature. Male and Female trees are required for pollination purposes. Only a few male varieties are grown, however a few dozen female varieties are used.

Date Palm Care

  • Choose a position in full sun with room for this large tree to grow.
  • Plant in Fall or Spring
  • A free draining soil is best.
  • Water during dry periods for the first few summers.
  • Consider thinning fruit for best results.
  • Harvest fruit in late summer to fall.

You can grow date palms in pots and containers, however they will outgrow the container fairly quickly and are better suited to growing in the ground.

From planting to first fruit will take around 5 years, maximum fruiting will take around 10 years.

Date Palm Varieties

Names like Medjool, Zambali, Nabut Saif and Ashal al Hassa are the types grown for fruit.

They bear fruit at different times and produce fruit with different qualities.

Medjool is perhaps one of the best varieties, large fruit of good colour and a high yielding tree.

Summary Information

  • Botanical Name Phoenix dactylifera
  • Common Names – Date Palm
  • Family – Arecaceae
  • Origins – Iraq and other Middle eastern Countries
  • Type – Fruit Tree
  • Climate Zone – USDA Zone 8-11
  • Position – Full sun.
  • Soil – Humus rich well drained
  • Height – To around 45 ft plus
  • Spread – To a width of around 20 ft plus
  • Foliage – Deep green and evergreen

Where To Buy

Date Palm Trees are available for sale from the following specialist nurseries.

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