Home grown Raspberries are one of the delights of summer. They are an easy care plant, if you can keep the birds and the children from getting to them first.

Suitable for commercial crops as well as for the home garden, raspberries are not difficult to grow. Used to provide fresh fruit as well as to make jams, use in pastries and of course the raspberry coulis.

Raspberry fruiting time is from summer to fall depending on type

Classified as either primocane (fall fruiting varieties) or floricane (summer fruiting varieties). The primocane varieties produce fruit on new canes and are cut right back to the ground each spring. Floricane varieties fruit produce fruit on on two year old canes. So canes are are lightly pruned after fruiting and bundled for the winter.

How to Grow Raspberry Plants

A cool climate plant is essential, USDA Zones 4 – 8 are are regarded as suitable. Raspberries are usually grown in rows with supporting wires.

Rows need to be around 3 feet (1m) apart and canes should be planted around 2 feet apart. Black varieties a little further.

Spacing is important to allow good air flow and help prevent disease. It also allows the sun in to make sure that fruit ripens.

Supports and wires keep the plants upright and also allow bird netting to be easily draped over plants to protect your crop.


  • Good Fertile soil
  • Sunny position
  • Good drainage but moisture retentive
  • Plant in spring except in frost free areas when fall planting is acceptable.

Raspberry Varieties

Varieties include the yellow raspberry and black raspberry which are alternatives to the red raspberries. It is easy to buy raspberry plants or canes online during the winter months.

Varieties commonly available include the Black and Red types

Black Raspberry Varieties

  • Bristol – One of the best black varieties, medium to large fruit and good tasting. Bristol raspberries are a firm fruit which aids wit h handling.
  • Jewel – A disease resistant variety with good medium sized to large firm fruit
  • Black Hawk – Medium to small fruit on a vigorous plant
  • Black Mac – Late fruiting with a softer fruit, upright canes and late fruiting
  • Cumberland, Allen, Haut, Huron, Munger and New Logan are others to consider.

Red Raspberry Varieties

  • Canby – A mid season variety with tall canes. Medium to large fruit and very few spines for a raspberry plant. Does not handle very cold winters well.
  • Boyne – small fruit but excellent for eating, lots of spines
  • Red Latham
  • Heritage – Tall strong growing with lots of spines. High yielding and a medium sized good tasting fruit. Late to ripen so it need a warm summer
  • Dorman Red
  • Autumn Bliss – Seen as one of the best ‘everbearing’ varieties. One of the early ripening varieties, short canes with fewer spines than some others. Very good fruit on a primocane type.
  • Chilliwack – A summer fruiting raspberry variety excellent for eating, as well as preserves

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