Dwarf Weeping Cherry Trees

Have You Considered A Dwarf Weeping Cherry Tree?

Dwarf Weeping Cherry Tree
Dwarf Weeping Cherry Tree

One of the best ornamental flowering trees for small and large gardens in the dwarf weeping cherry tree. Masses of blossom on a smaller tree.

Dwarf weeping trees of all types are generally grafted onto a standard root stock, they stay at this height as the trunk itself tends not to grow upwards, but will increase in diameter, the top of the tree is a weeping variety chosen for its flower form and color.

Full sized weeping weeping trees require more room and although they are certainly spectacular sometimes they are just to tall and to wide spreading for the landscape situation required

Dwarf Weeping Cherry trees are an excellent tree for small gardens as well as in containers, they can also make a great feature in a larger landscape. You will find these lovely blossom trees in as many shapes, sizes and colors as the larger species. Dwarf Weeping Cherry trees are an excellent feature next to water or a pathway in a Japanese style garden. They are available for sale online when dormant or as potted trees at other times.

Pruning Dwarf Weeping Cherry Trees

In general the Ornamental dwarf weeping cherry trees require little or no pruning at all. It is advisable to remove any dead or damaged growth. If the foliage begins to touch the ground it is best to trim it back a little to during Fall.

Can you grow a dwarf weeping Cherry Tree in a pot or container?

Yes you can, you will need a large container and remember to keep moist as plants in containers tend to dry out. As the dwarf weeping cherry grows larger, to may need to repot. As with all deciduous trees this is best done during dormancy. Be careful not to disturb the rootball more than necessary and try not to damage the roots when changing pots or containers. Any damaged roots should be cut cleanly with a sharp pair of secateurs.

Fertilizing and care for a dwarf weeping cherry tree

Mulch around the tree to provide a cool root run, however keep mulch away from the trunk of the tree itself. A liquid fertiliser applied during early spring and again in late spring is usually sufficient, however some growers do prefer a slow release fertiliser.

Weeping Cherry Trees – Dwarf Varieties and types

  • Snow Fountain or Prunus hybrid ‘Snofozan’ is one of the best dwarf weeping cherry trees, generally reaching at 6- 8 ft with cascading single white flowers.
  • Zakura or Prunus kiki ‘Shidare Zakura or Cheals Weeping Cherry is available as various sizes and has spectacular double pink flower.
  1. Can I plant a dwarf weeping cherry tree close to my house?

    Weeping cherries can easily spread to 10ft across. So to allow for growth room and access plant then at least 10ft  from your house.

  2. What can I plant around a dwarf weeping cherry tree?

    Look for plants with small root systems that will not compete with roots of the tree itself.

  3. Do weeping cherries like full sun?

    For best blooms weeping cherries require full sun will maybe a little afternoon shade in hotter climates.

  4. Does a weeping cherry have invasive roots?

    Weeping cherries are considered to have non-aggressive root systems. 

  5. Do weeping cherry trees need pruning?

    You should prune away dead or damaged wood from weeping cherries and then consider pruning overlapping and congested wood from the rest of the tree 

  6. What is the best fertilizer for weeping cherry tree?

    A Low-Nitrogen Slow-Release Fertilizer once a Year in early spring

  7. What does the weeping cherry tree symbolize?

    Weeping Cherry tree symbolism relates to Buddhist concepts of mortality and thoughtfulness. They also symbolise, beauty, life and death.