Fish Fertilizer for plants and garden.

When you first think about using Fish Fertiliser you may think that it smells and does does not work. However it has been proven to be a very good type of fertiliser, and it is available in very low odour solutions.

If used correctly it is economical and very efficient.

How to use Fish Fertiliser.

It is important to read the recommended dilution rates for individual products. More is not better as is the case with all fertilisers. This is because too much fertiliser can damage plants, and plants can only absorb so many nutrients anyway, so why waste it.

  • It is important to apply the fertiliser to damp soil, so water first if needed. This helps the liquid fertiliser get down into the soil near the root system of the plants.
  • We always use a watering can to apply fertilisers to soil, it is more efficient that using hose spray attachments.
  • We also suggest mulching after fertilising, this will not only retain moisture in the soil but will also protect the fertiliser from hot sun which can reduce effectiveness.
  • This is a product that can also be used as a foliar spray.

What is Fish Fertiliser ?

Fish fertilizer is a byproduct of the fishing industry and is available in both liquid and powdered forms. As an organic fproduct that makes nitrogen readily available to plants, fish fertiliser is widely used in the gardening and horticultural industry and is recognised as an excellent all round fertilizer.

Uses for Fish Fertilizer

Fish Fertilizer for tomato plants.

This is a product that will not burn tomato plants like some other fertilizers and is of great value in the whole vegetable garden.

Fish fertilizer for seedlings.

As it helps promote root growth, fish fertilizer is excellent for seedlings, we tend to dilute it a little more than recommended with young seedlings and seem to get excellent results.

Orchids and Fish fertilizers.

Orchids can benefit from a liquid feed of fish fertilizer every 2-3 weeks during the growing season.

Buying Fish Fertilizer

Remember that this is a product that comes in both liquid and powdered forms, the liquid form is easier to use, however powdered fish fertilizer can be cheaper, although you do need to mix it up yourself.

What about using Whole Fish or Fish Guts ?

Yes this can work, simply bury the fish or fish guts in the soil beneath the plant before you plant it. The problem with this is that rodents, cats and dogs are likely to want to dig it it up.

And yes you will find recipes that explain how to make your own fish fertiliser if you are that enthusiastic.