Growing Long Stem Roses

Florists roses, the ones with the long stems are basically a Hybrid Tea rose, and although hybrid tea roses are readily available at nurseries, they are not necessarily the same varieties that you will buy from the florist.

When we go to buy a dozen well formed long stem roses, we sometimes think that they are a little expensive, however these perfect flowers do take a little experience and some special conditions to produce.

Commercial growers have been growing long stemmed hybrid tea roses in greenhouses for over 80 years.

Florist Roses versus Garden Roses

So why do they differ ? Florists roses are grown under controlled environments, they are protected from diseases and are in fact some are a ‘highly strung’ rose.

Many of the ‘florist roses’ would be fairly poor if grown as a garden rose, they are bred purely for the long stems and flower shape, not for the ability to survive in the garden.

However the basics are the same, you are looking for a hybrid tea rose and then yo need to encourage the growth of the long stems.

Pruning and Climate for Long Stemmed Roses

Most commercial rose growers use a combination of two techniques, the first is pruning, the second is growing in a controlled climate.

Two pruning factors in long stem rose growing

If you are looking for long stemmed roses you need to prune accordingly.

  • The best choice is a hybrid tea rose, and if you want long stems you need to prune them the right way.
  • Look to prune to a point about 18 inches high.
  • Look for outward facing eyes, this encourages outward and upward open growth and longer stems.
  • Try to clear the middle of the bush a little as well.
  • Clear away the dead wood and any old woody canes.You will not get as many flowers, however you will get longer stems.
  • You will also need to prune to one flower bud, the strongest and most central, and this needs to be done as early as possible.

The pruning technique is ongoing, basically the rose is pruned so that only one bud forms on each stem, and this is done as sone as the buds appear so as not to leave the stems scarred.

The central bud is the one that is left, leaving a long stem and also a bigger flowers.

The climate control part is to encourage even longer stem growth. A temperature of around 80F daytime, and a cool night time with a humidity or around 70%. And ideally, 12 hours of sun a day.