How to grow Plumeria

Growing Plumeria plants or bushes from cuttings is not difficult, and plumeria are widely grown in Florida, California and Texas.

These are also an easy care plant in the right climate, and can in fact be grown indoors, or over wintered indoors in cooler climates.

Propagating plumeria, (also known as Frangipani) from cuttings ensures that you will grow a plant that is the same as the parent plant, growing from seed is more difficult and leads to varied results.

Some wonderful cultivars are now available for sale Online, pictured right we have Plumeria ‘Wiskers’ photograph courtesy of Sacred Garden Rare Plants.

Growing Plumeria from cuttings

Plumeria cuttings are best taken during spring through to early summer, however as plumeria are relatively easy to propagate cuttings may be taken at any time of the year in warm climates.

Cuttings should be taken from healthy growing parts of the plant and should include a growing tip. Cuttings should be 12 – 24 inches long and should include some old growth (the grey part of the wood)

Plumeria cuttings should have all but the top two three sets of foliage removed and are best set aside in a warm dry place for two – three days to allow the cut to dry.

The cutting may then be planted in a well drained potting mix, many growers use liquid or powdered root hormones to improve strike rates.

Keep the potting mix just moist and remember to stake the cutting to provide support.

Try to avoid extreme temperatures, but keep the cuttings warm.

Plants should flower 1-2 years after the cutting is planted. Flowering time is generally from June to September, longer in the warmer zones.

Plumeria Care

In general its all about warmth and protection from frost and cold. Although most people regard plumeria as a warm climate plant, they can be grown in cooler areas if grown in containers and kept inside during the cooler months.

  1. Fertilizing Plumeria – Try a liquid fertilizer such as a seaweed based product. Fertilize only during the growth period, additional potassium will help plumeria growth.
  2. Watering – Water once a week during the growing period and more frequently during hot weather. Plumeria do not like to over watered, and no not like wet feet. Do not water during winter months.
  3. Pruning – Prune during winter or fall, remember that flowers are formed at the end of new growth, so be careful not to remove all of the new flower buds.

Where To Grow Plumeria

They are regarded as hardy in USDA zones 9 -11. They will need protection from wind and frost.

Make sure that plumerias get at least 6-8 hours sun a day. A well drained humus rich soil is best. Plumerias do well in pots.