Low Growing Plants

Low Growing Thyme Plant
Low Growing Thyme Plant

Low growing plants including low growing shrubs, flowers ground covers and trees all have a place in the garden and play an important part is successful landscape design.

In the perennial border the uses of low growing plants is obvious, they are used towards the front of the garden to allow allow easy visual access to taller plants growing further back.

Another favorite area is the rock garden, where plants that are smaller just fit in well with the garden style. However many of these plants can also be used as ground covers, and some even grown in containers. Smaller trees and shrubs are also valuable especially in smaller gardens.

Low growing plants categories

  • Ground Cover Plants.
  • Low Hedging Plants
  • Perennials and Annuals
  • Small trees and shrubs.

Where to use low growing plants

  • Plant them as a border along the edge of a path or walkaway to define the edges.
  • Use them to under-plant taller trees and shrubs.
  • In the perennial border use them between taller plants to allow visual access to the rear of the garden.
  • Use them in containers, either on their own, or again fro under-planting.
  • Use them on slopes to prevent erosion and stabilize the soil.
  • Plant them beneath trees, especially those that love dry shade such as epimediums.
  • Low growing flowering plants that attract bees, beneficial insects and butterflies.

To allow easy visual access to the rear of the garden border or to act as a low dividing hedge many evergreen low growing shrubs are of great use in garden design.

Low growing flowers positioned in front of or between taller growing species add height variation which can add impact to garden design.

Best low growing plants

Some of the best low growing plants

Smaller shrubs and trees are useful in gardens where space is limited as well as a being a design feature in larger gardens. Low growing plants and shrubs are of great benefit when trying to add perspective to the garden.

Low growing trees and shrubs

  • Conifers. Abies, Taxus, Thuja, Pinus and Juniperus all have low growing species and cultivars that are excellent in a landscaping situation.
  • Creeping Mahonia (mahonia repens) is another useful low growing shrub.

Plants for low hedges

  • Dwarf Abelia grandiflora,
  • Brunsfelsia compacta,
  • Japanese box,
  • Euonymus Tom Thumb,
  • Lavenders

Low growing grasses

  • Mondo Grass and
  • Japanese Temple Grass

Ground Cover Plants

  • Thyme
  • Chamomile
  • Dichondra repens