Watering Wands

Watering Wand
Watering Wand

If you are looking at watering wands the decision on what to buy is often based purely on price.

However a quick review of few other factors may well lead you to choose something that is not at the cheap end.

Watering wands are designed to deliver a flow of water that is soft and mimics rain. They can deliver water to specific plants and good ones have a an easy to use trigger or shut off valve to save water between plants.

We reviewed a number of watering wands and settled on on the Dramm professional models. We wanted a reasonably soft flow, yet lots of water, we were also looking for a an easy snap connector as we use other watering devices as well.

Watering Wand Design

Watering wands are designed to deliver water to plants in a manner that is efficient and soft.

They are also come in different designs tom suit a number of purposes, so decide what you watering want and choose your wand accordingly.

  • For hanging baskets you may want a longer handle with a crooked neck, this makes watering easier.
  • For an area with low pressure water some wands come with special nozzles.
  • For indoor plants you will want a ‘narrow flow head’ and a quick cut off valve.
  • For seedlings you will need a very soft fine flow nozzle to prevent damage
  • And you may need an extension handle depending on your requirement

Other features

  • You will of course be looking for an easy shut off valve, either lever or thumb operated.
  • And you will also be after something that is the right length for your use.
  • On of the important features is the nozzle, they deliver different flows for different purposes, finer, broader, narrow and variations in between.
  • And finally weight, all features contribute to weight, so if that is a factor maybe select one of the lightweight plastic watering heads