Begonia mazae nigricans

Like many Begonias this rhizomatous type from Mexico needs good light to show off its foliage and Begonia mazae nigricans has very colourful foliage when properly grown.

Begonia mazae nigricans
Begonia mazae nigricans

From Mexico, this is a species that can reach around 12 inches (30cm) in height and is at its best when it fill the container with its pale to mid green with a dark purple along its veins for contrast.

The leaves are hairy and the colour varies greatly depending on the amount of light it gets. Good indirect or filtered light can the strong mid green with contesting veins you see here.

Too little light will see the leaves turn to a much deeper green, near black and with little contrast.

Too much light and the leaves go pale, and direct sun will burn them.

How to grow Begonia mazae nigricans

  • Position
    Best in a container with good filtered or indirect light.
  • Soil
    Use a free draining potting mix, Begonias do nor like wet feet.
  • Temperature Range
    Ideally indoor between 50F (10C) and 27C (80F).
    In colder climates, a heat mat below the plant can help promote better growth.
  • Watering
    Use a wet dry cycle, water well and then allow the soil/potting mix to dry partially. This allows air into the soil and assists with root growth. Once the soil dries a little, water again. Usually once a week should do, depending on growing conditions.
  • Fertiliser
    Use a slow release fertiliser in spring and liquid feed once a month from spring through summer.
  • Repotting
    Repot when the plant has outgrown the pot it is in or the soil shows signs go breaking down and holding too much moisture.

Begonias Fall Into a number of Categories, for more information see our main begonia page.