Calceolaria Variety
Calceolaria Variety

Although a number of Calceolaria species can be found, it is usually the colorful hybrids that are grown.

With interesting ‘slipper type’ flowers these plants are from South America and are also known as ‘Pocket Book Flowers’.

Mostly grow from seed some are a biennials, readily available in late winter to early spring and sold in containers. The green foliage disappears below the masses of flowers, usually yellow flecked with crimson.

Others are perennials, however these have smaller flowers and are not as widely grown.


Mostly grown as indoor plants where they grow well in a good filtered light. They do not like high heat, and are also a little fussy about extreme cold.

A well drained moist soil is essential, try to provide some humidity by placing the container on a saucer of water filled with stones. The stones lift the pot above the water for drainage and the water provides the humidity.

Calceolaria Varieties

  • Calathea silhouette
  • Calceolaria uniflora – Darwins Slipper Flower
  • Calceolaria crenatiflora – Reaches around 6 – 12 inches
  • Calceolaria corymbosa – Slipper Flower from Chile and Argentina, taller growing to 2 ft.
  • Calceolaria cana – Pink flowering species from Chile, reaches around 18 inches
  • Calceolaria integrifolia – Tall growing to around 6ft
  • And we have Calceolaria herbeohybrida – The commonly grown hybrids


Propagation is by digging and dividing established clumps. Also grown from seed.

Where to buy

Generally available for sale at nurseries from spring through to summer