Petrocosmea 'Yumibutei'
With really neat rosettes, Petrocosmea are form Western China and nearby areas, they are grown for the very attractive foliage as well as the flowers.

They naturally grow on the forest floor, usually at higher altitudes and often on mossy rocks. They require high humidity and are slow growing.

How to Grow Petrocosmia

Petrocosmia cryptica x 'Yumibutai'
Petrocosmia cryptica x ‘Yumibutai’

Temperature and light are two important care factors.

  • Temperature
    Best at cooler temperatures 10C (77F) down to 5C (41F) at night.
  • Light
    Good filtered light is essential, this is a plant that grows naturally in shaded areas.
  • Potting Mix/Soil
    A light free draining mix that holds some moisture.
  • Watering
    Best by sitting the pot in of water for 15 minutes and then allowing to drain. Use room temperature water and preferably water that has been allowed to stand for a day to help chlorine and other chemical to dissipate.
  • Humidity
    Sit the pot on rock in a saucer of water, the pot should be above the water. Do not mist spray as this can cause fungal problems
  • Fertilizer
    Use a liquid African Violet fertilizer dilutes by 50% from spring through summer.

These plants are part of the Gesneriaceae family of plants that also includes :