Astelia chathamica ‘Silver Spear’

With broad flax-like silver leaves Astelia chathamica is a clump forming evergreen perennial grass with attractive silvery green ‘spear shaped’ foliage characterised by drooping at the tips.

This Silver foliage plant plants are from New Zealand and grow in damp rainforests so these are the ideal conditions, however they are a little more tolerant of dry conditions than you might think.

Yellow orange flowers in spring to summer followed by berries in autumn, however flowering is sporadic. However the flowers are held down low in the foliage and are easily missed.

Excellent when grown in the border as a background plant, also suited to growing in a container or urn where the drooping silver foliage looks attractive year round.


Astelia chathamica will reach 1.5m (4-5 ft) and although it is found naturally in moist soils in can be grown in dry conditions. This is a rhizomatous perennial that will form a dense clump over time.

Astelia chathamica does best in part shade and does require a humus rich but well drained soil. It is frost hardy, copes well with windy conditions and requires little to no pruning.

You will also note that some resources indicate that ‘full sun’ is suitable. It will be in cooler zones, however certainly not in warmer zones. Regarded as hardy to zone 8 however with protection it is plat that will grow in cooler areas.


By division of established clumps.

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