Rohdea japonica

A slow growing understory plant, Rohdea japonica is grown for the foliage which varies greatly from green to mottled patterns and yellow crests.

Rohdea japonica
Rohdea japonica

I has has been in cultivation. In Japan for 100s of years and variegated forms as well as forms with twisted foliage make it a collectors dream. In Japan it is known as the Sacred Lily or Omoto (evergreen).

It has been recognised in cultivation for over 500 years and is said to symbolise one life and prosperity.

The plant has upright leaves, insignificant flowers and red berries follow the flowers, these are held down near the base of the plant tucked into the leaves.

How to Grow Rohdea japonica

This is a very tough evergreen pant that grows well in light to deep shade and in a well drained soil.

  • A position in light to deep shade is required.
  • A well drained soil is essential.

Growing in containers

  • Growing medium is always well drained  a mixture of products such as Pumice, Sand, Seramis (clay granules) Akadama and Kanuma work well. In Japan Akadama is a popular growing medium and said to beneficial for good root growth.

Rohdea japonica Propagation

Usually by division of desirable forms or from seed.

  • Seed is cleaned removing the red skin and pulp to leave a white seed.
  • The seed is best stratified by cooling in a refrigerator to 3 weeks before planting.
  • A normal seed string soil will be adequate.
  • Seeds are lightly covered, kept moist and germination should occur any time for 2 weeks to 6 weeks.
Forms include :
  • ‘Go Dai Takane’ with its white leaf margins
  • ‘Shiro botan’ has a white variegation running through the leaf