Archontophoenix cunninghamiana

Commonly called the King Palm as well as the Bangalow Palm this is a tall growing tree with the good looks to make it popular.

You will see this palm tree lining the streets of Florida, where it can get to a height of 60ft (20m) although usually around 40ft. It has a green crown shaft that extends below the foliage and the crown itself will spread to around 18ft (6m) more or less.

This is a palm tree species that needs good light to grow well so is not really suited to growing indoors.

Best grown in a free draining soil and a position in full sun.

Summary Information
  • Botanical Name: Archontophoenix cunninghamiana
  • Common Names : King Palm, Bangalow Palm, Picabeen Palm
  • Origins : Australia
  • USDA Zones : 10 – 11
  • Soil : Well drained
  • Position : Full sun
  • Height : To 60ft (20m)
  • Spread : Varies but to around 18ft (6m)
  • Growth Rate : Moderate
  • Frost tolerant : No only down to around 40f.
  • Salt tolerant : No
  • Drought tolerant : Medium (Not suited to dry desert locations)