Syagrus romanzoffiana

The Queen Palm

Bringing a tropical look to the garden, the Queen Palm is most likely the most widely used palm tree in Southern California.

Long fronds growing well in full sun, coping with both the heat and the cold they also have a low water requirement.

The botanical name is’Syagrus romanzoffiana’ most commonly called the Queen palm or Cocos Palm. They are a fast growing hardy palm tree and are widely used as a specimen tree however they do have a relatively shallow root system.

Used widely in California, especially the Southern (warmer) parts, landscapers love it for its fast growing nature.
This is not a palm tree that has the attractive crown shaft, however this does deter landscapers.

Propagation is very easy from seed, in warmer climates the Queen palm can become a weed if allowed to spread seeds into forested areas.


A tall growing palm tree native to Brazil and Argentina they require a well drained sunny position with deep soil is best. Protection from strong winds where possible. Relatively disease free. Queen palms can be grown from seed fairly easily if desired.


Due to the shallow root nature this is a palm tree that requires additional water during dry summers. Drip irrigation is often used, and for best watering, this needs to be set at the root perimeter rather than at the base of the tree.


Use a specialist palm tree fertilizer which is generally high in nitrogen. Apply in spring as a granular slow release fertilizer or use the new fertilizer spikes.

Water well both before and after fertilizing.

Queen Palms are very popular in the following states : Arizona, Louisiana, Florida, Nevada, California, Texas, Georgia, Virginia, New York and Wyoming

Summary Information

  • Botanical Name – Syagrus romanzoffiana, syn. Arecastrum romanzoffianum
  • Common Name – Queen Palm
  • Family – Euphorbiaceae
  • Height – To 30 – 50 ft plus
  • Spread – To around 25ft
  • Growth Rate – Medium, around 2 ft a year in good conditions.
  • Flowers – Deep Purple.
  • Flowering Time – Spring
  • Soil – Well drained
  • Position – Full sun to part shade.
  • USDA Zones 9 – 11

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