Alternanthera dentata

Alternanthera dentata (Joy Weed) is originally from the tropical and sub tropical rainforests of the West Indies through to to Brazil.

Mainly grown for its red foliage Alternanthera dentata makes a great low growing perennial ( to 18 inches) border plant or container plant.

Alternanthera dentata ‘Purple Knight’ and Alternanthera dentata ‘Brazilian Red Hots’ are popular cultivars.


Alternanthera dentata requires a moist warm sunny position and can easily be clipped back to maintain shape


  • Alternanthera denata ‘Purple Night’ is a ground cover plant that will spread through a garden bed, so if you do not have the space try growing it in a container.
    It does have great foliage, and the hotter and it gets the darker the foliage. It is a plant that requires good moisture to grow well.
  • Alternantherea denata ‘Little Ruby’ is a more compact grower, still great foliage and still requiring protection from frosts.