Anemone leveillei

A very pretty and delicate species, Anemone leveillei is a ‘Wind Flower’ with large white cupped flowers and a flushed blue reverse. With attractive deeply divided deep green foliage the flower rise above during spring.

Useful in the garden as it will grow well and flower in dappled shade. A detailed look at the flowers will show the blue pollen, an unusual feature. This is a plant that resents being disturbed, so a find a position in the garden where it can be left to slowly form a clump.


Will grow to 50cm with contrasting purple-blue stems and is late spring to summer flowering.

New plants should be planted in a well prepared soil, lots of well rotted compost dug through. Water in well with a liquid seaweed fertilzer.

Originally from China Anemone leveillei grows to 2′. Part shade, humus rich moist well drained soil is best. Zone: 5 – 9

  • Cultivation Summary.
  • Best in USDA zone 5 – 9
  • Well drained moist soil
  • Protection from hot sun.
  • In spring, mulch around the clump with well rotted compost and leaf mold.


Easiest by division, however seed cultivation is possible.

Two methods are used

  • Stratify seeds in a refrigerator for 6 weeks before sowing.
    Plant seeds in early spring into a cold frame.
  • Sow seeds in pots in mid winter in an open cold frame.
    They should germinate in spring.


If you have the right growing conditions Anemone leveillei will present very few problems.

One issue is with with weeds being allowed to take over, so try to keep the area weed free.