Anisodontea capensis

Anisodontea capensis - Pink Star
Anisodontea capensis

Anisodontea capensis or ‘Pink Star’ is a fast growing long flowering shrub ( to 3 feet) originally from South Africa. Attractive pale pink to pink flowers some with darker centers.

The beauty of these plants is the long flowering nature, in warmer zones they will flower from spring through summer into fall. While in cooler areas from early summer to early fall.

The flowers are reminiscent of hibiscus, and although Anisodontea is an evergreen shrub in warmer climates it is grown as an annual in cooler areas. Grow in a container and over winter under protection, or grow in the garden and replant in spring.


Most are regarded as hardy from USDA zones 8 – 9 and in zones 10 – 11 they seem to flower almost all year round.

These are a tall growing plant to around 4 – 5 ft depending on cultivar and conditions.

Anisodontea ‘Pink Star’ does well in Mediterranean climates. Water during dry periods. Keep in a frost free position.

You can grow these free flowering plants in containers however they will need a little support.


Although the species Anisodontea capensis is garden worthy on its own, many hybrids with different flowers colors are also available for sale. With many named varieties the names largely reflect to color of the flower.

  • Anisodontea ‘el royo’ has large pink flowers with a deeper pink centre
  • Anisodontea ‘slightly strawberry’ has pink to mauve flowers with a more distinct strawberry marking in the centre.
  • Anisodontea ‘taras choice’ is a larger growing plant than most, pink flowers with a deeper centre.
  • Anisodontea x hypomandrum is an older hybrid, common in many gardens in temperate zones.
  • Anisodontea scabrosa is a different species, flowers range from white through to the pinks.


Propagation is from seed, or from cuttings.

Anisodontea varieties are available for sale from the following nurseries

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