Begonia coccinea


Growing well outdoors in part shade Begonia coccinea, a cane begonia will reach 3-4′ and is a well established species.

These are a part of the cane stemmed group of begonias. The long flowering Begonia coccinea is also known as the ‘angel winged begonia’. Long canes attractive green foliage flecked with white spots and pretty hanging clusters of flowers that seen to appear all year round.

Begonia coccinea is a red cane begonia that will reach 3ft and is originally from Brazil. Large green leaves with red margins and clusters of coral red flowers in summer to fall. Also known as the Angel Wing Begonia.


Begonia coccinea grows well in part shade in a frost free position. A well drained humus rich moist soil. Plants can be pruned back in winter with some of the older canes being cut back to close to the base.

Keep Begonia coccinea moist in summer and let them dry out a little in winter.

If grown indoors some water in winter will be required. Old canes can be removed as they begin to die back.