Begonia listada

Begonia listada
Begonia listada


Begonia listada is originally from South America, Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. A low growing sprawling habit makes this begonia suitable for use as a ground cover in a shaded area.

A tropical species, the leaves are covered with fine hairs and are red on the reverse. With its growing habit it does make an excellent candidate for growing in hanging baskets where it can be allowed to hang down and show off its attractive foliage.

Nice white flowers above foliage during fall to winter. Foliage is green with light green to silver stripe.

This attractive shrub like ground covering begonia is under rated by many, however for those who grow it, the foliage alone makes a wonderful addition to the garden, or container.

This is a Begonia variety that tends to spread out rather than grow upwards so it is a great candidate for growing in a hanging basket.

How to Grow Begonia listada

Begonia listada grows well deep shade. It works well in pot or container indoors, also hanging baskets.

  • A well drained humus rich moist soil.
  • Never wet soggy or waterlogged soils.
  • Use a potting mix with enough drainage material.
  • Maintain humidity by mist spraying.
  • Choose a position with no direct sunlight.
  • Water frequently with small amounts of water – Deep watering is not recommended.
  • A consistent temperature range in important between 60 and 86 F works well.
  • Avoid sudden temperature changes.
  • Fertilize regularly with a diluted (25%) liquid fertilizer every two weeks during the growing season.
  • Dormancy is in winter so stop fertilizer diring this period.

Prune to maintain shape.


In areas of heat and to much sun the foliage will tend to brown, however if shade cloth is used this can be avoided.


Propagation is easy from stem cuttings also possible from leaf cuttings..