Begonia undulata


One of the most widely grown species of the cane stemmed begonias is Begonia undulata, is a tall plant usually grown to around 6ft in height. Also commonly called the ‘Wave Leafed Begonia’.

Another Brazilian species that is admired by gardeners, as this species is a prolific producer of attractive white flowers, and therefore widely grown.

Foliage is a clean rich green, leaves are oblong or lanceolate, with wavy or undulating edges as the name suggests. Flowers hang in an attractive manner.


Begonia undulata grows well in a sunny position. It is very easy to grow as an indoor plant when given adequate light and some moisture.

Like most begonias allow the soil to nearly dry between watering.

Apply a slow release fertilizer in spring and again in early summer.

Although it is usually pruned to a shorter growing plant, left to its own devices it can reach up to 18ft in ideal conditions.