Belamcanda chinensis

Belamcanda chinensis is known as the Leopard Lily and is the only species in the genus. Attractive orange flowers spotted with crimson give it the name.

Also known as the ‘freckle face lily’ and the ‘Blackberry Lily’ it hase recently been reclassified as Iris domestica. It seems to have qualities from both the Iris and Lilies. Iris foliage, sword shaper, and Lily like flowers.

Attractive seed pods follow the flowers, however the seeds themselves are poisonous.

Said to be deer resistant, however we think it might just be that they self seed so easily. Birds eat the seeds and they are spread this way.

Seeds seem to germinate with ease so if you do not want self seeding remember to deadhead after flowering.


  • Belamcanda chinensis grows well in full sun to part shade.
  • A well drained humus rich soil.
  • Do not over water.


A few cultivars are available, however the species is variable in itself. Some are more yellow than others.


East by division of established clumps and also very easy from seed.

Simply sow the seeds near the surface of a humus rich soil mix and keep moist until they germinate. Best in a propagator with some bottom heat.

Germination cam be slow taking up to 2 months although often half of this.