Coreopsis Flowers
Coreopsis Flowers

Also known as Tickseed, Coreopsis is a long flowering plant that is known for its ability to thrive in poor soils as well as being drought tolerant. Finely cut foliage with flowers from early summer to fall.

Masses of sunny yellow flowers from species such as C. lanceolota, C.verticillata and C. tinctoria as well as the many named varieties including ‘Moonbean’ a variety that has paler lemon yellow flower.

In the garden Coreopsis can be planted as a filler in the dry border, or mass planted to fill a large area.


Coreopsis verticillata Hybrid
Coreopsis verticillata Hybrid

Plants can be deadheaded with garden shears after flowering, this will encourage a second flush of flowers 3 – 4 weeks later. Only prune about 2 inches at this time.

In fall you can prune back to around 8 – 12 inches, leaving a little above the crowns provides protection over winter. Some gardeners like to leave the pruning until early spring.

In colder zones, mulch around the plants with a light mulch to provide winter protection


Red and pink flowering varieties are also available, including the red flowering ‘Limrock Ruby’ (pictured above right).

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