Also known as Leopard Bane, Doronicum are an early flowering perennial with bright yellow, daisy like flowers.

Foliage is a good mid to deep green with the flowers appearing above it in spring. Although these plants will grow well in full sun they are a little better off in afternoon ‘light shade’ in warmer climates.

Dwarf varieties such as ‘Little Leo’ will reach around 12 inches high. Masses of yellow daisy like flowers and excellent in the cottage garden


Generally easy care in a humus rich moist soil. They can be pruned back after flowering to promote a second flush of flowers.

It hot summers they tend to decide to ‘go dormant’, this is a survival mechanism, similar to Aesculus californica.’

  • Deadhead after flowering to prevent self seeding
  • Best in USDA Zones 4 – 8
  • Full Sun to part shade

Varieties Include :

  • Doronicum orientale – Common Leopards Bane
  • Doronicum pardalianches – Giant Leopards Bane to 3ft
  • Doronicum little leo – Low growing to 12 inches
  • Doronicum caucasicum – Siberian Leopards Bane

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