Epimedium x warleyense

Epimedium x warleyense (Bishop’s Hat) is a very dramatic and desirable Epimedium. It is a little slow growing however it is easy to grow.

It holds its foliage well and will spread over time to form a good clump.

Like most species, flowering will be better when the plant receives some good light, in deep shape the flowers will be less abundant.

Attractive, evergreen foliage with nice heart shaped leaves. Epimedium x warleyense will grow to 8-12″ and is a clump-forming perennial.

Epimedium x warleyense has yellow and orange flowers on wiry stems that rise above the foliage are dramatic.


Try a humus rich soil that has some well rotted manure dug well in. Like most epimediums this one will do well in poorer soils, but will do a lot better in a good soil. Dappled shade, or morning sun and afternoon shade is best.

Old foliage can be cut back in spring to tidy up the plant. Larger clumps can be divided in fall, or in early spring.

Hybrid varieties and cultivars are also available including

  • Epimedium x warleyense ‘Ellen Willmott’
  • Epimedium x warleyense ‘Orange Queen’
  • Epimedium x warleyense ‘Orange konigin’