Epimedium youngianum ‘Niveum’

Epimedium youngianum ‘Niveum’ is a smaller growing epimedium with spurred white flowers in spring. A compact clump forming plant with heart-shaped red tinted foliage that deepens in the fall.

Also known as the ‘Snowy Barrenwort’, foliage opens an attractive bronze color and then turns to a mid green. Flowers appear above the foliage in sprays.

Epimedium youngianum ‘Niveum’ Care

Try a humus rich soil that has some well rotted manure dug well in. Epimedium youngianum ‘Niveum’ will do well in poorer soils, but will do a lot better in a good soil. Dappled shade, or morning sun and afternoon shade is best.

Reaching around 1 ft in height this is a compact form, excellent for a low edging plant.

Grows well to Zone 5 – 8, and will slowly spread by undergound rhizomes.