Gentiana scabra

Gentiana scabra
Gentiana scabra

Gentiana scabra is an autumn flowering species native to both Japan and China. Wonderful blue or pink flowers depending on the cultivar late in the season make this evergreen to semi evergreen work a place in the garden.

Gentiana scabra ‘Zuki-rindo’ is one of the pink flowering varieties. You will also see Gentiana scabra var buergeri offered for sale, sometimes called ‘bung’.

More upright than other species reaching around 35 – 45cm, tubular flowers in clusters lance shaped leaves and low care.


This is a mound forming perennial that requires a slightly acidic soil, humus rich and moist. Full sun to part shade, in warmer climates afternoon shade is desirable.

Growing well in containers, in the rock garden or in the border in a sunny well drained position. Slow to spread and will lose foliage in cooler areas.

Although sold as suitable for ‘full sun’, hot afternoon sun is not in fact suitable, so plant according to climate.

An application of liquid seaweed fertiliser every 4 weeks during the growing season is beneficial. Propagation by division of established clumps.

Gentiana Varieties Include

  • G. acaulis (Stemless Gentian)
  • G. asclepiadea (Willow Gentian)
  • G. andrewsii (Closed Bottle Gentian)
  • G. boissieri
  • G. brachyphylla
  • G. clausa (Bottle Gentian)
  • G. cruciata (Star Gentian)
  • G. dahurica
  • G. douglasiana (Swamp Gentian)
  • G. lutea (Great Yellow Gentian)
  • G. scabra (Japanese Gentian)
  • G. septemfida (Crested Gentian)
  • G. verna (Spring Gentian)
  • G. villosa (Striped Gentian)