Nepenthes alata

Nepenthes alata

From the Philippines where it occurs at higher elevations usually on mossy forest floors.

One of more easily grown of the Pitcher Plants Nepenthes alata feeds itself by attracting insects into the pitcher where they ‘drown’ and are dissolved, the plant therefore feeding itself.

This is a species with natural variation it does occur in wind range of conditions across the Philippines. This is a species that grows at intermediate altitudes which makes it a better plant for most growers.


These wonderful plants do like a little humidity and moisture, cold winds and dryness are real problems. Mostly grown indoors if you can replicate the natural conditions they will grow well.

A humus rich moist growing medium, filtered but good light and watering every 2 – 4 days depending on conditions.
Some growers provide extra humidity by misting on a regular basis. Hanging baskets are a popular way to grow these plants where they can be allowed to hang down, showing off the pitchers.

In low humidity you may find that the plant produce no pitchers, or they drop off, increase humidity, and use a distilled water, or rain water rather than tap water.

In the wild these plants feed themselves on insects, however they also have root systems and as such do draw some nutrients from the soil.

Watering with a liquid seaweed fertilizer every 2 – 4 weeks seems to work well.

Propagation is from seed, or by cuttings