Paeonia mlokosewitschii

We have to admit that we have not yet flowered ‘Molly the Witch’, however next spring we are have greta hopes that Paeonia mlokosewitschii, for that is Molly’s botanical name, will grace us with her presence.

Growing species peonies, rather than other peony varieties is just one of those things, that as gardeners we need to do.

Let’s explain what we hope to achieve with ‘Molly’.

Peonies are a favourite garden plant, and the modern cultivars do produce some wonderful flowers, large and colourful.

However, if you are looking for really elegant peony then Paeonia mlokosewitschii is one species worth seeking out.

We first saw this plant in a friends garden. And here we admit that she is a better grower peonies than we are, we were enthralled.

It is one of the first to flower, clear yellow blooms, simple and elegant. Commonly called ‘Molly The Witch’ this is a peony with a few attractions.

Attractive flowers being the start, the foliage carries it through to summer and then the seed pods take over as an added attraction. The encore performance is a show of pink fleshy seed pods with purple/ black seeds.

So if it lives up to the plants in our friends Sally’s garden, then we will be grateful.

Best grown in full sun to part shade, and this depends on the climate. We find that this early flowering wonder grows well beneath deciduous trees, not in the deep shape but in the outer dappled shade. And look for those trees that are later to put on leaf. In cooler areas full sun is fine.

Care and growing conditions

Other aspects to consider are drainage and soil. Paeonia mlokosewitschii requires excellent drainage and a humus rich soil. Alkaline soils are best, so some added lime can help.

Offered for sale online as dormant rhizomes, Paeonia mlokosewitschii is best planted in autumn, preferably while the soil is still warm. It will allow the plant to put on a little root growth before winter.

As with all peonies ‘Molly The Witch’ prefers to be left alone, so choose the right position and plant her. She will reward you with her magic in spring year after year.